Tomorrow (Thursday) is my 41st birthday.  Last year I announced to my family that I was taking a break from chores on my birthday.  I did, and as the day progressed, it felt wonderful to relax and not worry about dishes or laundry or cleaning mirrors, making beds, or even cooking meals.  Then the afternoon hit and Hub decided to give all of the kids a break from chores in honor of my birthday.  A nice thought, but with no one doing the chores, guess who got to do double the work the next day??

This year I will be teaching art at the elementary school on my birthday, but have announced that I will not be doing any chores during my lunch hour or after school.  It won’t be quite as relaxing as having the entire day off, but just the thought of not havingt to rush to get dishes done or throw in a load of laundry during my breaks sounds wonderful.  I am making sure that everyone understands that it is only the birthday girl that gets a break from chores.  No one else. 

Happy birthday to me!

P.S.  Mack gets her tonsils removed on Friday, so I’m not sure when I’ll be posting next.