My poor daughter has tonsils that, in her words, “could be their own country.”  She was diagnosed with mono last month and just hasn’t been able to shake it.  Her tonsils have slowly gotten bigger and redder and you can hear that there is something partially blocking her throat when she talks.  Sooooo, I have been on the phone for a good portion of the morning trying to find an ENT that can see her today.  The earliest available appointments for any doctors near us is Wednesday.  I finally found a doctor in a neighboring county that can see her later today.  I now need to rearrange my schedule so that I can get her there.

Because of all that, this is all the posting I will be doing today.  Not very exciting or inspiring or gossip worthy or even worth reading, but what can I do?  Sometimes life gets in the way.

I can leave you with this though…if your daughter ever develops tonsils the size of a small country, make sure she shows the entire extended family at your monthly get-together.  Watching the reactions as each person views the monster tonsils is really quite entertaining!  🙂

Enjoy your Monday!