In the 1960’s an LDS airman, Jay Hess, was shot down over North Vietnam.  His family didn’t know if he was dead or alive for two years.  Finally, his captors in Hanoi allowed him to send one message home, but limited his message to only 25 words.  He wanted to provide his family with a message that they would recognize as coming from him and also wanted to give them valuable counsel.  He wrote:

“These things are important:  temple marriage, mission, college.  Press on, set goals, write history, take pictures twice a year.”  (Ensign, November 2008 pg. 86)

Hub was recently presented with the question of what he would write to his family if he’d been in the same shoes as Jay Hess.  The question so intrigued me that I decided to present the question to our family.  Our answers are below.  Once again the kids’ personalities come out with their answers.  Teens and pre-teens certainly aren’t concerned about sending their family counsel and they don’t even care about the 25 word limit!

*Hub – “I love you all.  Pray.  Have faith.  Keep the commandments.  Forgive.  Look for the good in those around you and learn from them.  Keep going.”

*Kweenmama – “Please know that Heavenly Father is fully aware of what we are going through and will help us through it.  I love all of you.”

*Squid – “SAVE ME!”  (Squid then went on to say that he would include the latitude and longitude coordinates of his location and he would be a tattle tale and let us know if he’d been tortured)

*Huh – “I am underground.  If you hurry and nuke the place, my chances of survival are very good.  Hurry up!  P.S. I love you!”

*Juju – “Nay am I cadaverous.  I am in a penal institution waiting for my departure.  I am covetous, craving subsistence.  Propel pabulum that is commendable.  Thank you!”

*Mack – “I am alive!  I am hungry for steak so get me out of this joint.  It would be highly appreciated.”

*Shroom – “Thanks for looking for me!”

*Hoob – “I am alive!  I love you guys!  I am secretly making an iron suit so I can escape.  Stay faithful.  I AM IRON MAN (WOMAN)!”

*Yawlin – “Are you alive?  I’m bored.   Bla de bla de bla.  I’m bored.  Blad de bla de bla.  I’m bored.  Bla de bla de bla!   

So there you have it.  I hope none of our kids ever become POW’s.