The unexpected is bound to happen.

Hub had to have an emergency appendectomy yesterday morning.  He’s fine, and recovering at home.  The medical advances that have been made are amazing!  I had to have my appendix removed when I was 14 years old and had to recover in the hospital for four days.  Hub has three small incisions and was home six hours after the surgery.  Amazing!

He won’t be able to go with us when we take “Christmas” to our mystery family because he does have to take it easy, but at least he’s home for Christmas.  I count it as a blessing.

I probably won’t get around to posting again until after Christmas, so I hope you all have a great holiday and that you recognize the blessings in your life.

P.S.  Tuck this away for future reference:  It is a perfectly good argument to point out that gas is not accompanied by fever!