What kept us busy over the weekend? 

*Filling orders for Hub’s side-business.  

*Spending time in an insta-care facility with Mack on Friday afternoon and then going to the emergency room Friday night and finally getting a correct diagnosis–Mononucleosis.  The poor girl has been sick for about a month and a half and has been treated for all the wrong things.  It’s going to take her awhile to recover, but at least now we know what it is and can treat it correctly.  She is very tired and is worried that her 3.9 grade point average is going to suffer.  I hope the school will work with her.

*Attended our Ward Christmas party but had to leave early so that we could help Squid find his lost car keys.  He and Shroom had taken their 7-year-old cousin to the middle school across the street from our house.  The school has the perfect hill for teaching wanna-be snowboarders how to maneuver a snowboard.  Squid unwisely had his car keys in his coat pocket.  The keys fell out of his pocket at some point and when they were ready to come home he discovered them missing.  The boys looked for an hour and a half before seeking our help.  Finding car keys in snow that has been trampled on is nearly impossible.  To make a long story short, I ended up calling my former in-laws to see if we could borrow their metal detector to help us find the keys.  They graciously let us borrow it, and I got to visit with them for a little while too!  (I am one of the fortunate few who still gets along with former in-laws after a divorce).   The metal detector did the job and the keys were found!  Squid was very grateful.

There were various other activities over the weekend.  It’s getting to be that crazy time of the season.  There is a lot to do and the clock is ticking.  I generally post on M-W-F, and I hope to continue that, but if I miss a day or too, chalk it up to the “busy-ness” of the season.

Hope y’all make the most of the season by spending as much of it as possible with those you love!