If you are the type to wake up at 1:30 in the morning worrying about your daughter who is going to be graduating from high school in the spring and wondering if she is really “ready” to face the big, scary world; and if you worry primarily because she has chosen a college out of state to attend and will be 12 hours away by car, which means you can’t get to her very quickly if she needs you; and if you stress about whether or not to follow the advice of your ex-husband about not getting her a car so that she can really experience on-campus life; and if you are a natural-born worrier anyway…then you might want to invest in a husband who will sit up with you while you worry and will kill all your irrational fears with words of comfort and will tell you certain “truths” that you need to hear.

Yes, you might want to invest in a husband like that.

I have one.