Hoob’s dance group was scheduled to perform at the Festival of Trees yesterday afternoon.  They received their costumes on Tuesday evening and it was discovered that the costumes were very sheer and didn’t leave much to the imagination.  The dance instructors informed the girls that they all needed to find a tan leotard to wear under their costume before the performance on Thursday afternoon.  This left us one day to find a tan leotard.

On Wednesday afternoon Hoob and I started our quest to find the leotard.  We had no idea how hard it would be.  Store after store, we could not find tan leotards.  There were plenty of black leotards, and a few whites ones that didn’t fit, but no tan leotards.  As it got later and later we both got hungrier and hungrier.  I had left Mack at home in charge of fixing dinner (one of her chores for the week is meal prep).  She was making meatballs, potatoes, and her choice of veggies.  I didn’t want to stop and buy Hoob and I something to eat because then we wouldn’t be hungry for the dinner Mack was preparing, but as the evening wore on, and there were still no tan leotards in sight, we really wanted a snack.

It finally donned on me.  “Hoob, look in the glove box and see what I’ve put in there.”  Hoob pulled out three ziplock bags of “snack” foods.  We grinned and each ate a small snack to tide us over until we got home.  Hoob snacked on club crackers and I snacked on trail mix. 

When snacks in our house begin to run low, such as only a few crackers left in a box, or a few pretzels left in a bag, etc. I put the few remaining items in ziplock bags and store them in the glove box of my car.  Those “emergency” snacks have come in handy at ball games, when we’ve been stuck in traffic, and most recently, when we were on the hunt for the elusive tan leotard.

I’ve discovered that this practice is a great way to use up every little bit of snack foods that we buy, thus preventing waste, and it has kept us from “starving” when we are out and about.  We also save money by resisting the temptation to stop at a fast food place and buying something if we get stuck running too many errands.

I share this so that others can try it if they desire.

BTW, We eventually found a tan leotard, saw a lady with white and purple hair, and saw what looked like a plant driving a jeep (we had quite the adventure!).  Hoob performed beautifully at the Festival of trees and we enjoyed ourselves walking around the festival afterwards.  Oh, and DanceWear, Inc. is the place to find tan leotards!