I loved this illustration at Paul Schmid’s blog.  I’m sure we can all think of things our kids do better than we do.  Right now I can think of areas each of my kids and step kids are more talented in or are more capable of accomplishing than me.  One daughter is infinitely more patient than I am.  I have another daughter who has an outstanding sense of humor.  She always makes me laugh.  My son notices details in things that I miss.  One of my daughters has an artistic talent that, if she develops it in the right way, will make her money one day.  My oldest step son is an optimist by heart and can pull me out of a bad mood almost immediately.  My step daughter sees the good in everyone she meets and is far less judgemental than I am.  And my youngest step son will always be a better athlete than any of the rest of us in the family.

I’ve listed only one talent for each of my kids.  I can think of many more for each of them.  Unfortunately, they don’t always hear it from me.  I need to work on verbalizing the good things I notice about them.

A challenge for today:  Take the time to tell each of your kids one thing you’ve noticed about them that they do better than you.  I guarantee it will be a boost to their self-esteem like no other!