I had the house all to myself yesterday because Hub had to go see a client.  Then the afternoon hit:

*Squid arrives home early from work with a friend in tow to show the friend, “P,” the mountain bike he is designing on the computer.  Thankfully the mountain bike design is saved on the family computer and not Hub’s computer because I had just scrubbed the carpet in Hub’s office and was not allowing people in there.

*I pick the high school girls up from school.  Huh and Mack join me in the car.  Juju has permission to go with friends and will return home on her own at around 4:00 p.m.

*After returning home, Huh and Mack proceed to fix themselves snacks in the kitchen, tell me about their day, and loudly send jibes towards Squid and “P” who are equally adept at sending the jibes back. 

*After Huh claims that she was an ugly baby, Squid asks, “Was?”  Huh immediately gets up from the counter and walks threateningly towards Squid who is now backing up with his arms held up to block any punches that might be thrown his way.  His bravado has been replaced with, “I was just kidding.  I swear, I was just kidding!”  Of course Mack and “P” are laughing uproariously at this exchange.

*Shroom arrives home and chucks an empty plastic Listerine bottle at Huh and then runs to the bathroom and locks himself in so that Huh can’t get him.  Huh is able to keep him locked in the bathroom for quite awhile.  After Huh has returned to her snack, Shroom ventures out of the bathroom and I ask him why he is bringing an empty Listerine bottle into the house.  He tells us all that he bought the Listerine himself to use after lunch at school.  He then has to endure teasing from all of us about him possibly smoochin’ girls in the halls.

*Mack pulls a potato out of her back pack and informs me that she has to turn the potato into a person and dress her potato person as fashionably as possible for the “Potato Fashion Show” that her fashion merchandising class at school is holding.  (Where do teachers come up with these ideas?)  Mack then turns the potato so that I can see a prominent bump on one side and says, “Look, she has a tumor!  My poor potato has a tumor!  How am I supposed to dress around that?” 

*I check the clock and am able to get out of giving advice on how to dress a potato person with a tumor by announcing that it is time for me to go do my afternoon crossing.  As I head out the door Hoob comes bounding up the porch steps wearing Juju’s jacket (she claims that Juju has given her permission to wear the jacket).  After we both say, “hi-bye!” Hoob runs into the house and I hear her yell to Mack that there are a bunch of boys outside who want to say hi to her.

*As I am backing out of the driveway I see Mack come out to the porch and yell to a group of boys standing on the sidewalk across the street from our house.  I won’t know what type of exchange occurs because I have to get to my crossing.  Yawlin will walk to the crossing from his school and tell me all about his day as I safely help kids cross the street.

As I was driving away from the house I had a feeling of relief to be escaping the chaos for a little while.  The thing is, yesterday afternoon was fairly typical for us.