I was decluttering the basket that I keep near my laptop and came across a yellow post-it note with my handwriting on it.  I have no idea when I jotted down the little reminder, or even where I found the information to jot down, but it serves as a good reminder on how to be a good listener.  I type it here on my Friday post so that it can serve as a reminder to others on how to be good listeners, and so that I can throw the yellow post-it note away, thus decreasing some of the clutter in my basket!  A two-fold purpose!  All of blogland gets to benefit from the wisdom of some random note that I wrote at some random time that I don’t even remember, and I can feel good about getting at least one piece of paper out of my basket.

How to be a good listener:

*Listen with empathy.  Don’t give advice (unless asked for it).

*Listen with understanding.  Don’t try to think up solutions.

*Ask questions.  Don’t jump to conclusions.

*Pay attention to the person.  Don’t dwell on the problem.

Okay, go practice on a loved-one.  I’m going to get back to getting ready for the boutique we are participating in this weekend.