Still scrubbing carpets, but the end is in sight!  I post a quickie here before I get back to making my living room beautiful for the holidays.

1.  For a post about the work mothers do, visit writeathome here.  I loved this post!

2.  Joy received her t-shirt last week.  (She was the winner of the contest I held for my 102nd post).  She posted about her new t-shirt here.

3.  I got tagged with a book meme by the wonderful blogger at A Table For Four.  Here are the instructions:

     *Grab the nearest book

     *Open to pg. 56

     *Find the fifth sentence

     *Post the text of the sentence on your blog with these instructions

     *Don’t dig for your favorite book, or the most intellectual one.  It has to be the closest one.

Hub took my laptop with him to visit one of his clients today.  So, instead of posting in my bedroom where I usually write, I am sitting at Hub’s desk in his home office.  The closest book to me here is “1001 Ways to Reward Employees” by Bob Nelson.  I know, I know, it probably doesn’t sound that exciting unless you are a business owner.  But, the rules state that it has to be the closest book.  Had I been in my bedroom writing I would have been able to grab a much different book.

The fifth sentence on page 56 says, “In many cases, production rates doubled.”

A gripping sentence if you are seeking to motivate your employees.  I’m not going to reveal just what caused the production rates to increase.  You’ll just have to get the book yourself and turn to page 56.

I am now supposed to tag three more bloggers to do the meme on their blog, but I am never sure who has the time or desire to participate in such things, so I am going to leave it open to anyone who wants to do this.  It was easy, and actually quite fun.  If you decide to do the meme on your own blog, let me know so that I can read the fifth sentence in your book.  I think it will be interesting to see what books are used for this meme.  If you want me to officially tag you at your site, let me know.  I will be more than happy to do so.

Enjoy your day!  The carpets are calling!