Still scrubbing carpets this week, so not much time to blog.  I will leave you with this though:

I like to have the tv on in my room as I get ready in the morning.  I never leave it on any one station for very long unless something really grabs my attention.  This morning as I was changing channels every few minutes while making my bed and getting dressed I heard a voice say, “And here is Suri Cruise in one of her designer dresses.  She is our little fashion icon, she’s never seen wearing the same thing twice.”

I looked up to see a picture of Suri Cruise on a sidewalk somewhere wearing a white dress with dark pink flowers.

The voice continued, “This dress cost about $300.00.  But, we will do anything for our kids, right?”

Are you kidding me?  Buying a 2 1/2 year old $300.00 dresses that she will only be seen wearing once is considered okay because we will do anything for our kids?  It would seem that “doing anything” for our kids has gotten out of hand.

Give me a break.