There are several step mom blogs that I read.  I like to read them because some of our situations are similar and it helps me realize that some of the things I deal with as a step mom and second wife aren’t unique.  I am not alone.  Though I have chosen not to write about the difficulties caused us by our two ex’s (our kids know about this blog and read it occasionally) I have gained a sense of camaraderie through reading the blogs of others dealing with similar things.  I especially like to read the blogs of those who try to deal with their difficult circumstances in positive ways and try to build bridges rather than put up fences.

Such is the case with Morocco and Rhonda at Full Moon (used to be called The Ommy Diaries).  Morocco, especially, has amazed me with her grace and desire to do the right thing for her husband, son, and step sons.  She has gone above and beyond her responsibilities as a step mom in reaching out to the biological mother of her step sons, who happens to be incarcerated, and continually strives to hold out the olive leaf, even when the woman purposely hurts her.

Morocco is also a school teacher and has lots of practical ideas for parents.  She wrote a post last Friday that I really liked and intended to link to it in my post on Monday.  In fact, it was going to be number one on my list of random stuff.  When I went to her blog to make sure I had the link correct I was shocked to see a short post by Rhonda stating that Morocco had just lost her husband and would not be posting for awhile.  This was sudden and unexpected, and it appears to have happened the same day Morocco wrote her last post.

Please remember Morocco and her family in your prayers.  She truly has been through a lot, and now her step sons have had another hard blow to their already difficult lives.  They need all the prayers and positive thoughts they can get.

Thank you.