A post of random things at the beginning of a very busy week:

1.  We accidentally stumbled upon one way to get teenagers to clean their room.  If your daughter has happened to ask a boy to an upcoming girl’s choice dance, and if she did that asking by filling his room with balloons, posters, and confetti, then make sure to casually ask, “I wonder if Bryce is going to answer you by doing something to your room?”

I asked that magic question and watched Huh get a look of total panic on her face (you would understand that look of panic if you had visited her room in the past few months).  She then went into action.  All last week Huh decluttered, rearranged, and cleaned her room.  It looks one hundred percent better.  And bonus of all bonuses, Hoob liked what Huh’s room looked like and decided to declutter, rearrange, and clean her room!  When is the next girl’s choice dance???

Note:  Bryce did answer Huh, but he didn’t visit her room.  Instead, our doorbell rang at exactly 12:06 a.m. Sunday morning.  Sitting on our front porch was a cute stuffed lion and a poster that said, “I’m not LION, I would love to go to the dance with you!”  Huh was thrilled and even claims that she’s not disappointed that he didn’t do anything to her room.  She says it’s kind of nice to be able to see her floor.  Imagine that!

2.  We are looking for ideas on ways our family can serve others this holiday season.  We want to help our kids look outward and focus on others instead of themselves.  Hoob has already had the opportunity to help at our local food bank with her youth group at church and both Hoob and Huh went with me when our Relief Society took homemade slippers to an assisted living care center.  Those individual chances of service are great, but we are looking for ideas on things our entire blended family of nine can do.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

3.  Every May and November I scrub the carpets in our house.  May is when I move furniture, wipe down base boards and do the deepest cleaning.  In November I simply scrub the high traffic areas in each room but don’t move the furniture.  I just like to have the carpets looking nice for the holidays.  Soooo, with scrubbing carpets, teaching the “Meet the Masters” art program at my son’s school, hosting a demo of the weight loss product I sell at my house this Thursday, helping Hub with some of the orders for his side business, plus all the other tasks that come with being a wife and mother, I’m not sure how posting on my blog is going to go this week.  Hopefully I can still write something every other day, but no promises!

One good thing, two of the seven kids have their rooms clean, so scrubbing their carpets will be a breeze.  Now, how do I get the rest to get their rooms clean?