As I sat at my crossing this morning I listened to the morning radio shows.  I am a button pusher and never stay on one particular station for very long unless the topic holds my interest.  Overwhelmingly, because of the day, the topics were Halloween related (a nice change from listening about the economy or the election, I think).  As I listened, I started to jot down random snippets of conversations that I heard.  I’m posting them here and asking, “If you were channel surfing which snippet would make you stop and listen?”

*  “If the kids are older, invest in the big candy bars and watch their eyes light up.”

*  “I always viewed Halloween as the chance to wear jammies to work.”

*  “Bring the Hanna Montana person in here.  I’m dying to see what a Hanna Montana costume looks like.”

*  “It was a really creepy place.  The kids were sleeping in the room next to our room.  Suddenly the kids came screaming into our room saying there was a lady in the mirror.”

*  “I could hear children playing, but they weren’t there.”

*  “In the distance we could see this weird, glowing, red light.”

*  “She doesn’t believe in ghosts but admits that some weird things have happened at the theater while she’s been there alone, like the times she hears footsteps on the stage but there is nobody there.”

*  “Did this make you believe in ghosts?”

*  “We are doing a ghost show, people!”

*  “You actually mentioned in your email that your father owned some land down there in Sandy that was part of an old Indian burial ground.  And, you said some weird things went on?”

*  “Dentists say the worst treat for kids is those gummy treats that stick to your teeth long after you’ve eaten them.”

*  “We think there is a little girl that haunts the third floor.”

*  “Did you ever see that movie, ‘The House on Haunted Hill?'”

*  “There was an electric type sensation going through the blinds.”

*  “That’s enough to make any ghost mad!”

*  “The building we were at was a former speakeasy and we were feeling some really negative energy.”

*  “Listen to the recording, you will hear a voice say, ‘Get out!'”

*  “The door was completely shut, and I never shut it.  And at night you could hear people walking up and down the stairs.”

*  “Those wacky vampires!  Ya gotta love ’em!”

*  “She’s our winner for the ghost investigation.”

*  “Halloween candy sales average about two billion?”

*  “Parents are being warned to be on guard this Halloween because two girls in Midway have recently been approached by two men in a truck and offered candy if they would get in.”

*  “This year my costume is going to be incredible!”

*  “What are you going as for Halloween?”

   “A naughty candy striper.”


   “In all honesty?  It’s like a competition with other girls to see who is the hottest.”

So, which snippet caught your attention?