On Monday night, instead of a Family Home Evening, we had a Family Away Evening.  We took a picnic dinner to a park called Memory Grove.  And why did we do that?  Because it is October and the park is supposedly haunted by a bride who died there just before her wedding, and because the weather was gorgeous, and because the leaves on the trees are breathtaking right now, and because we thought it would be fun.  And we were right, it was fun.

We never saw “the” bride, but we did see one bride getting her bridal pictures taken there.  After the meal the kids enjoyed watching dogs play in the pond, one particular corgi was quite adept at retrieving the sticks her owners kept throwing into the pond.  Someone found a tennis ball and the older kids started throwing it around to each other.  While that was going on Yawlin and I decided to walk up one of the wooded trails together. 

Yawlin is in third grade, right at that age where he’s not sure if ghost stories are scary or fun.  The tales of the haunting bride must have been running through his mind because he kept looking around nervously.  As we turned one bend in the trail Yawlin saw what looked like an abandoned campsite in the trees off the trail and pointed it out to me.

“Let’s check it out,” I said.

“No,” was the nervous reply.

“Why not?”

“I just don’t want to.”

I stepped a few steps off the trail towards the campsite just so I could see what was there.  I saw an old chair cushion and a backpack.  There were other items, but without my glasses I couldn’t tell what they were.  Yawlin was getting restless while he waited for me back on the trail so I turned and walked back to him.

Yawlin started back down the trail.  “Let’s get out of here.”

I caught up to him and jokingly said, “What would we have done if someone was in that campsite and started to come after us?”

Yawlin immediately slowed his steps so that he was behind me.  I turned and joked again, “Oh, are you going to claim that I ran ahead of you instead of staying and protecting my son?”

“No, Mom.  I’m behind you so that I can protect you.”

Aw, that’s my boy!  With that comment he completely made up for his third grade snubbing back in August.  He was going to protect me.  Yes, he made up for it.


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