My kids don’t have school today so I am taking them with me on my monthly visit to play games with my grandpa.  As I opened our game closet to choose a couple of games to take with us I spotted a small yellow box with blue polka dots.  The words on the box say, “Rate your Mate.”  

“Oh yeah,” I said aloud as I grabbed the box.  I opened the box and started shuffling through some of the cards inside.  That was when I decided to post about “Rate your Mate.”

I found the little yellow box with blue polka dots at a yard sale.  The instructions for the game were missing but that didn’t prevent me from plunking down two bucks for it.  The box is full of cards, each with one question on it.  Each card also has a point value of 1, 2, or 3 printed on it.  Hub and I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the game.  Since there are no instructions we have made up ways to use it.  Most of the time we just spend an evening taking turns choosing a card, reading it, and seeing if we can guess the answer we would each say.  Sometimes we keep track of the points with the “loser” owing the winner something desirable such as a massage, foot rub, completion of a hated chore, etc.  Once we used the game on the long drive to our condo in Moab as a way to kill the time.  On that drive we simply read the cards and then answered them, we didn’t try guessing or keep score.  Hey, we paid two bucks for it, we can play it anyway we want!

In case there are any who want to try a “Rate your Mate” activity with their spouse or significant other I am going to type a few of the questions as examples.  Once the brain juices start flowing I am sure it will be easy to think up many of your own questions.

1 point questions:  

Who is more spontaneous, you or your mate?

What is your mate’s favorite type of house?

In any given situation, would your mate prefer to “shake things up” or “calm things down?”

When was the first time you cried in front of your mate?

What is your mate’s favorite breakfast?

2 point questions:

When it comes to “shoulds,” my mate puts this one at the top of his/her list:  a. Exercise   b. Spending more time with my mate   c. Catch up on some work   d. Clean the house   e. Hide the remote control

Which best describes your mate’s ability to direct his/her anger?   a. Never takes it out on you   b. Sometimes takes it out on you   c. It’s always your fault

You and your mate are shopping at a mall.  Which of the following best describes the scenario?   a. Shop ’til you drop   b. My mate only looks for specific items on his/her list   c. My mate gets a “mall headache”   d. My mate wouldn’t be caught dead in a mall

In a group discussion, does your mate generally agree with the consensus, or become the devil’s advocate?

If a song were composed to describe your relationship, which type of music would be used?   a. Country   b. Heavy metal   c. Classical   d. Rock and Roll

3 point questions:

What outfit does your mate wear too often?

On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being the highest, how would you rate your first date?

Where did you and your mate make the strongest public display of affection?

With whom did your mate have the most significant romantic relationship before you?

What annoying habit does your mate have in the morning?

**Play around with it.  Make it fun.  And enjoy getting to know your mate all over again!