In 2005 I got to attend a writer’s conference free of charge because I’d won a fiction writing contest.  It was two days of immersing myself in the writing life and listening to those who have been successful at it.  I was in heaven.  This morning, as I was performing an organizing chore, I came across some of the notes I took at that conference.  One line in my notes caught my attention.  It was written under the heading of Mel Boring, so he must be the person who said it or expressed thoughts about it.  After three years I can’t remember if it is a direct quote of what he said or if it is a paraphrase of his message, but I liked it this morning when I read it:

Each small step that you take leads you on the big journey.

I like that statement because it brought comfort and a confirmation that I am, indeed, accomplishing things.  It describes my life perfectly right now.  In addition to being a wife and mother and trying to keep up with all that those two roles entail, I have also been trying to start a small business selling a weight loss product, teaching the “Meet the Masters” art program once a week at our elementary school, helping Hub with the steady growth of his side business creating products using vinyl lettering, and serving in my church callings.

Many days I have felt overwhelmed by all that I have given myself to accomplish and even though the days have been extemely busy, sometimes it doesn’t feel like I have accomplished anything at all.  Until I read that little gem in my notes, that is.  All day today I’ve been feeling better about my goals because I realized that even though I may not get everything done on my list, the things I do get done are leading me on the journey toward the goal’s completion. 

I may not have the weight loss business where I want it right now, but each email I write, each contact I make, every sample pack I create is a small step on the journey.  I haven’t learned everything I need to know for Hub’s business yet, but I have brought him customers, I have given him ideas, I have approached my daughter’s dance studio about the business doing a fundraiser.  Each a small step on the journey.

One reason the journey for the two businesses is taking so long is because I consider teaching and raising my children to become responsible adults my main goal.  Family time and making a home are most precious to me and I try to make sure nothing interferes with those priorities.  Once 2:30 p.m. rolls around there is no more time for business goals.  Instead I am helping with homework, making sure chores get done, being a chauffeur, making dinner, listening, listening, joking, listening, talking, and did I mention listening?

Each time I listen to a child share about their day or talk about a problem it is a step on my parenting journey.  Every time I drive a child to a practice or make dinner or create a chore list it is a small step on the great parenting trail.  Every single time I make my family my priority I am solidifying relationships and creating memories.  And that, for me, is most important.

Take those small steps, and enjoy the journey!