You will only be able to do it once in each child’s life.  You will need to time it just right.  Make sure you look completely busy and frazzled. 

THEN…when your just-turned-sixteen teenager comes to you after school and asks, “Mom, can we go get my driver’s license today?”  You put the plan into action.

“Oh, I don’t know.  I’m in the middle of making this chili for dinner and I need to leave to go do my afternoon crossing.”

Your teen will look at the pot of beans and say, “I’ll finish the chili while you are at your crossing.  Okay?”

“Weeellll, okay.  I guess that might work.  The recipe is over there on the counter.  You should probably start browning the hamburger and onion right away.”

Kiss her on the cheek and head out the door. 

This worked for me earlier this week.  Like a charm.  The chili was simmering on the stove when I returned from my afternoon crossing and Mack was waiting expectantly to go get her license.  You can use this plan to get the lawn mowed, a bathroom scrubbed, some windows cleaned, or any other pressing chore.  The coveted driver’s license is a carrot that dangles oh, so closely for teenagers.  They will do almost anything to get it.  🙂  But remember, it will only work once, so use it wisely. 

And the world BEWARE, our household now consists of three licensed teen driver’s, one currently taking driver’s ed, and one who just turned 15 and can now get his Learner’s Permit.  Did you count?  That is five teen driver’s from our household.