I’m always on the look out for fun family activities.  So when I saw this post on Kemi’s blog back in June I took notice.  It wasn’t posted as a family activity, but I like to adapt and change ideas so that they can become family activities.  I printed it out and saved it for a future family gathering.  The second Sunday of every month my mom hosts a family dinner at her house.  All of my siblings and their families come, except for the sister who lives out of state, and she and her family come whenever they are in town. 

Last Sunday I presented the Meme as the after dinner activity.  While the younger kids were outside playing, the older kids and adults were each given a piece of paper and pencil.  I had everyone number their paper from 1 to 16 and then read what they were supposed to put but didn’t tell them what “name” it was until after we’d written answers for all sixteen.  Then I read what each name was and we all shared what names had been created.  We got a lot of laughs out of it.  Of course there were a lot of inside jokes and family jokes that would only mean something to us.  Some of my siblings saved it so that they could present it to their friends.

Here are some of the better answers from my very large family (I am the oldest of eight):

*How would you like to attend a rock concert starring Max Highlander or Flush Xterra or Tabby Cadillac?   How about Mickey Taurus, Katie Explorer, or Spike Ram?  Of course there is always Goose Tundra or Thor Cherokee.  Our favorite was Bingo No-Car.  (Rock star name – first pet and current car)

*Who wouldn’t be scared by gansta’s such as Vanilla Bean Oreo, Strawberry Pumpkin, Cookie Dough Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Oatmeal?  (Gangsta name – ice cream flavor and cookie)

*Ya gotta love fly girl’s named C Bes, C Ras, B Arg, K Mad, and J Arg!  (Fly girl name – first letter of first name, first three letters of last name)

*If you are ever in need of a detective make sure you call Blue dog (we had several of those), Purple Monkey, Green Hummingbird, Yellow Dolphin, or Red Flamingo.  If they can’t get the job done call Black Cheetah.  (Detective name – favorite color, favorite animal)

*Wouldn’t you love to watch a soap opera in which Don Ogden is having an affair with Kae Murray and Troy Vancouver is plotting to kill Lynn Washington?  (Soap opera name – Middle name, city of birth)

*The next Star Wars movie will have characters with names such as Steka, Harmi, Rasca, Jenma, Rassa, and Stena.  (Star Wars name – first three letters of your last name, first two letters of your first name)

*Next summer the superheros that will be blockbuster hits at the movie theater will be The Yellow Sprite, The Green Beer, The Brown Milk, The Red Water and The Gray Mountain Dew.  Perhaps they will join others in the fight against evil such as The Blue Pina Colada, The Orange Lemonade, and the Blue Monster.  (Superhero name – second favorite color, favorite drink, add “the”)

*The newest folks to make the Nascar circuit will be Ralph Edward, Gene Donald, Horace Fred, and Fred Thomas.  (Nascar name – first two names of your two grandfathers)

*Ladies, you may want to keep your men away from strip clubs with performers with names like Moonlight Path Cinnamon Bear, Babe Pie, Eternity Ice Cream, Pink Swedish Fish, and Princess Kit Kat.  (Stripper name – favorite perfume, favorite sweet)

*If you ever have to go on the witness protection plan you may want to choose a name like Ann Smith, or King Anderson or Emma Thomas.  If those don’t work for you try Eugene Afton or Tingey Lucille.  (Witness protection name – mother’s and father’s middle names)

*Would you trust a weather forecast given by someone named Dolan Denver?  How about Jensen Juneau, Monson Minneapolis, Wilkins Washington, or Ferrero Frankfurt?  (Weather Anchor name – fifth grade teacher’s name, a major city beginning with the same letter)

*Go under cover as a spy called Autumn Zinnia, or Summer Lily, or Spring Tulip.  If you don’t like any of those code names try Autumn Fly Trap or Late Spring Orchid.  (Spy name – favorite season, favorite flower)

*Pretty soon your kids will be watching cartoons with names like Watermelon Capri’s, Grapey Bra, Kiwi Boxers, Mango Moccasins, and Peachy Blouse.  (Cartoon name – favorite fruit plus garment you are wearing, add an “ie” or “y” if needed)

*Peace man.  Hang out at the hippie compound with the likes of Cocoa Puff Russian Olive, Carrot Cake Pine Tree, Waffle Palm, Nothing Maple, and Oatmeal Crisp Peach.  (Hippie name – what you ate for breakfast plus your favorite tree)

*Remember the rock star names above?  Well, wouldn’t you like to see them perform in their rock star tours called The Golf Wind, The Painting Tsunami, The Garden Hurricane, The Hunting Cold Snap, The Reading Flash Flood, The Softball Jet Stream, or The Blogging Breeze?  (Rock star tour name – favorite hobby plus weather element, add “the”)

*Everyone loves a Blues singer.  Try listening to songs by Blind Tomato Washington, Blind Cucumber Jackson, Autistic Apple Reagan, or Deaf Broccoli Clinton.  (Blues singer name – a disability, a fruit or vegetable, and a president)

Whether you do it on your blog like Kemi did or use it as a family activity like we did I guarantee you will have lots of fun with this.  Enjoy!