Have you ever noticed that everything hits at once?  The gals at Mommylounge have awarded me the Brillante Weblog Award.  I have never received a bloggy award before (picture me standing at a podium shyly saying, “Thank you.  Thank you.”) and am a little clueless as to how to retrieve the button to prove that I was actually given the award.  I left a comment at Mommylounge asking how to do it and Kalisha was kind enough to email and give me instructions.  Ummmm, okay, I am totally clueless, not just a little, and I still haven’t been able to retrieve that coveted button.  I tried a few times but haven’t had as much time to figure it out as I obviously need.  Yawlin has been sick with a fever for the last two days and I was recently hired as a PLC teacher at his school and so have been reading the materials I am supposed to teach next week.  It just seems as if everything hit at once. 

Feeling guilty about being so slow to pass on the bloggy love I have decided to at least pass the award along and send the winners here to retrieve their button.  Kalisha and Reneca at Mommylounge were new to me; I wasn’t even aware that they were reading my blog.  I have visited their blog since receiving the award and now encourage others to do so as well, it is fun, especially for those with young children.  Since I was surprised to learn of their existence by receiving a reward from them, I have decided to take that approach as I award the Brillante Weblog Award to five deserving blogs.  I visited blogs new to me, lurked for awhile, and chose blogs that promote family since that is what is most important to me.

My five winners are:

Blended Family Soap Opera

From the Heart

Ageless Body/Timeless Mom

Preventing Obesity

Swoosplace (this one is new!)

Congrats to the winners and I am sorry that I didn’t have the button here for you to retrieve.  I hope to have it soon.


Is there anyone out there who can help me get my button?  (I sound so pathetic).  And, how does one put the button in the sidebar?  Does it depend on the Theme Template you choose for your blog?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!