Hub celebrates his 45th birthday on the 22nd of this month.  I am looking for unique and quirky ideas for celebrating it.  When I turned 40 in January Hub went all out with the “Over the Hill” theme complete with black balloons and an announcement on the front door for the neighbors to be quiet around the nearly dead.

Side note:  The kids and Hub filled the house with black balloons.  Hoob decided to have fun with it and put balloons in unexpected places.  There were balloons in my bed, my closet, and the sinks in the master bathroom.  She drew a smiley face on one balloon and put it in the toilet with a post-it note that said, “I am a potty mouth!”

Hub and I didn’t know each other when he turned 40 so I haven’t had the pleasure of celebrating one of the milestone birthdays with him.  If you have any ideas or have seen some great celebrations for a 45th birthday please let me know.  I want the kids to be able to have fun with this.