In the July 2008 issue of Ensign (pg.75), a woman from Ontario, Canada gives the suggestion of saying yes to the day to day requests of your children.  Even if the answer is really wait, it can be made into a yes: 

“Mom, can I have a cookie?”

“Yes, but let’s put them on a pretty plate and serve them for dessert so you won’t spoil your appetite now.”

Sounds a little nicer than a no or a not right now, doesn’t it?

Love & Logic teaches this concept.  Turning no into yes keeps things positive and kids will feel like they have some control.  When kids feel like they have a bit of control they are more likely to cooperate when you need them to.  “No, you may not go out to play until your homework is done,” can be changed to “Yes, you may go out to play as soon as your homework is done.”  It is a simple change in the wording and easy to do.  The child understands that yes he does get to go out to play, as soon as his homework is completed.  He is in control of when he gets to go play.

Your kids also might appreciate the occasional “Yes Day” as this blogger created for her own children once.  Sometimes it is good for kids to get to do what they want, and having a day of yes just might be rejuvenating for you as well.  At the very least, the looks on your kids faces as you say yes all day long will be priceless.

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