My original intent when I started blogging was to connect with others who are just as passionate about family as I am.  I didn’t realize there would be a secondary benefit.  My kids like that I blog.  Yesterday I had the laptop sitting on the counter while I was preparing dinner.  Between cooking vegetables and stirring the sauce, I was visiting blogs from my blogroll.  Huh walked into the kitchen and spotted the laptop.  Computers and teenagers, there is a natural draw.  Huh sat down and started reading some of my posts.  Sometimes she laughed.  Other times she made thoughtful comments.  I decided to let her continue while I finished fixing dinner.  Sometimes when I write a post I link back to a former post (a common practice in the blogging world, I have learned) so Huh was able to link back to quite a few of my past posts. 

“Oh ya, I’ve read this one before,” she would say.  And then she would read it again anyway. 

Whenever I have written a post about one of my children I send them an email telling them about it and I provide the link so that they can read it if they want.  They seem to like the fact that I report about them for all the world to read.  I’ve made sure to never air their dirty laundry online, I keep it positive.  The kids have responded favorably.  “Noticing” the good things they do and reporting it in this manner has opened up my relationship with each of them in a new way.  Now they want to get caught doing good things.  The world is going to hear about it!  And noticing my kids in this way probably feels more “real” to them.  Praise can sometimes feel insincere to teenagers.  Reading a blog post written specifically about them might feel sort of like reading some of Mom’s mail or overhearing a conversation.  It’s not empty praise meant to keep certain behaviors continuing.

Whenever I conduct one of my family polls for the blog the kids are all willing participants and come from all corners of the house as soon as they hear me start polling others.  There is usually a smile on their face and they ask, “So, what’s the question this time?”  The simple act of polling my family has started conversations and opened us up to each other.  There is usually a lot of laughter as everyone shares their answer.  I have polled my family about chores, simple pleasures, and the wacky things they eat

When I got tagged this week by dmwrightbooks I decided to change the tag a bit.  The original tag requires me to write seven weird and secret things about myself.  Since there are seven kids that live in my house, and since my kids all like it when I poll them for my blog, I decided to ask each of the kids to tell me one weird thing they do.  Here are the answers:

Squid – Still watches Disney cartoons and sings along with all the songs.

Huh – Can’t stand to wear matching socks.  She purposely chooses socks that don’t match.

Juju – Feels naked if she doesn’t have a necklace on and she regularly smells her armpits.

Mack – Refuses to eat any kind of green candy.  M&M’s, Jolley Ranchers, Skittles–it doesn’t matter, she won’t eat them.

Shroom – Drools in his sleep.

Hoob – Always has to have two pencils on her desk at school.  She can’t stand it if she is missing a pencil.

Yawlin – Collects erasers.  He has every kind of eraser imaginable.

Squid had to get some jabs in on two of his step sisters by saying that Huh is just “one BIG quirk” and that Mack “still keeps jabbering away, even when everyone has stopped listening to her.”  The girls laughed at his observations.  Shroom had his friend “F” over who thought it was funny that Shroom drools in his sleep.  Ah, yes, another successful poll!

If you desire to be tagged with this weirdness tag then leave me a comment and I will be happy to do the honors!