A diaper derby.  A barbecue.  Dog races.  Family pictures.  A Lasso Golf Tournament.  Skits.  It is our family reunion today!  I’m in charge of the Lasso Golf Tournament and I am helping with early set-up, so there is not much time to post.  I thought I’d share the rules of a game I taught 31 teen age girls at girl’s camp last summer.  Though we aren’t playing it at the family reunion this year, I think it would work well for a future family reunion. 


 Equipment needed:  A five pack of Crayola Twistables Slick Stix (these are crayons that color on skin), Five craft sticks painted in the same colors as the Twistables,  a ziplock bag containing a baby wipe for each player, small pieces of paper (enough for each player), a bowl.

Set up:  Stick the craft sticks in the ground in five different hiding spots.  Do not reveal where they are.  Leave the same colored Twistable next to each craft stick.  You can make the hiding places difficult or easy, depending on the ages of those who will be playing.  Leave all of the small pieces of paper blank except for two.  On those two draw a dot.  Put all of the papers into the bowl.  Give each player one ziplock bag containing a baby wipe.  They can be kept in pockets until needed.

To play:  Each player draws one paper from the bowl.  Do not reveal whether or not your paper has a dot.  Keep it secret.  Once everyone has drawn a paper and looked at it, the papers can all be placed back in the bowl for future rounds of the game.  The object of the game is to go in search of the colored sticks, mark your arm with each twistable, and be the first to make it back “Home” with each of the five colors.  The two people who had dots on their paper are the “double agents.”  Their job is to prevent the rest of the “spies” from making it back home with all five colors.  They do this by using their baby wipe to wipe off marks on arms.  They are only allowed to wipe off one mark at a time.  For example, they can’t catch a person and wipe off all three marks that that person has already accumulated, they can only wipe off one of the marks at that time and then move on to another person.  People can be caught multiple times during the game.  If you get one of your marks wiped off you have to go back to that color again and remark your arm because you cannot return home until you have all five colors.  The game ends when someone makes it back home safely with all five colors on their arm.  The double agents can pretend to be searching for the sticks and can even put marks on their arms to fool the others.  Eventually, it becomes common knowledge who the double agents are and they begin to work together to foil the other spies.  It is a race to see who wins.

The teen age girls who played the game really liked it.  And, of course, some of them went totally crazy and marked their faces instead of their arms.  This is a great game for big groups.