We do have towel racks in our house.  They just don’t get used.  Every single day there are towels on the floor or on the counters in the kids’ bathrooms.  Every single day.  And all I hear when I ask whose towels have not been hung up is the famous “its not mine” line. 

I guess we have a ghost.  Some little towel spirit whose sole purpose is to spread towels on the floor, counter, toilet, and sometimes even on the bottom of the bathtub.  A phantom that doesn’t limit itself to the bathrooms, but also makes sure to spread the kitchen towels all over the kitchen in every place but where they were originally hung.  One would think that supernatural happenings would be limited to more important things than lowly household towels, but not in our house.

I’ve tried everything.  I’ve begged, pleaded, cajoled, reminded, all to no avail.  I bought each of the kids their own towel in their own color.  That way I could see who was leaving their towels on the floor.  It didn’t last for long, the kids chose to use whatever towel they wanted.

I tried putting the towels in my bedroom closet so that the kids would have to come to me for a towel.  I would then know what towel they were using and could nab them when they didn’t hang it up.  That only worked for a week, then the kids just started going into my closet and helping themselves to the towels whenever I wasn’t around.  And I continued to hear, “It’s not mine.”  

I tried giving the kids the responsibility of cleaning up the bathroom for an entire week each.  I thought if they had to clean up towels that their siblings (oops, I mean the ghost) had left lying around they would get tired of it and put pressure on the offending parties.  It didn’t work.  Towels still appeared on everything except the towel racks, even after the person assigned to clean up had finished the job.

So, I now put it out to the blogoshere.  Are there any out there who have successfully rid themselves of the Towel Trickster?  How do I get this particular haunting to stop?  Or, are we doomed to let our towel racks gather dust?

Maybe I should introduce a new policy of drip and dry.