“Ewww, what is on your burrito?” 

I stopped loading the dishwasher and looked over at my two daughters who were sitting at the counter.  Hoob was snacking on a burrito she’d pulled from the freezer and heated up.  Huh was staring at Hoob’s plate.

“It’s butter on this side and mustard on this side.”  Hoob pointed to each side of her burrito as she talked.

It was my turn to react.  “Ewwwwww!  Butter and mustard on your burrito?”

Mack, who was passing through the kitchen, laughed and said, “Yeah, she always eats her burritos that way.”

“Since when?”

Hoob waved her fork in the air.  “Since I decided to try it one day.  I wanted to see what each one would taste like on a burrito so I put butter on one half and then I put mustard on the other half.  I liked it both ways, so now I eat my burritos this way all the time.”

“Ewwwwwww,” I repeated.

“Ha!  Look at Mom’s face!”  The kids all laughed, and thus began an accounting of all the weird and wacky things members of our family eat.

Shroom admits to putting ketchup on his macaroni and cheese and Hoob says she also likes to eat green olives dipped in mustard.  Huh and Mack say that dipping Doritos in mustard is tasty.  What is it with my kids and mustard?  Huh likes to eat her burritos with fry sauce.  I like to put a dollop of mayo in my bean with bacon soup, a tradition passed down from my great grandparents.  Another tradition passed down from my great grandparents is to put a slice of any kind of fruit pie in a bowl, pour milk and sugar over it, and enjoy! 

When I asked Squid if he eats any weird food combinations he said, “If I eat it then it isn’t weird.”  But then he said that he likes to eat bananas in cottage cheese, which prompted Hub to state that pineapple in cottage cheese is pretty good too.  The kids all laughingly remembered the time Hub decided to try sliced strawberries on his Lucky Charms.  He still insists that it didn’t taste all that bad.

Hub and Squid got a reaction from me when they said that mixing melted mozzarella cheese in with chocolate milk is yummy.  They laughed at my face as I said, “Gross!”  Yawlin laughed too and then admitted to eating some bitter tasting flowers while we were visiting my parents cabin over the 4th of July weekend.  That earned him a warning to not try that again since plants can be poisonous.

During our conversation we reminisced about “H” who was our foreign exchange student from Vietnam during the 2006-2007 school year.  “H” liked to eat ketchup on his spaghetti.  He liked fry sauce on salmon.  He would go through the fridge and pull out every sauce he could find–soy sauce, BBQ sauce, salad dressings–and mix them together and then dump the entire mess on lettuce and eat it.  One of his friends from Vietnam sent him a treat for the Chinese New Year in the mail.  It was some sort of cake made of pork and rice.  “H” was so excited to cook it up and share it with the family.  One of my funniest memories of my husband is how he held his one and only bite of that cake on his tongue until he could secretly spit it out.

About the only food combination that didn’t sound disgusting to me was dipping Oreo cookies in peanut butter, a trick my girls learned at girl’s camp a few years ago.  I might try that one.  I may even be up for trying bananas in cottage cheese.  But the rest?  Ick.

Anyone up for a mustard and butter burrito topped with Lucky Charms and green olives?