The pack meeting picnic was over.  The cubscouts were all jumping on the trampoline.  The parents were lounging on patio furniture in the shade.  One of the boys had brought Ding Dongs for dessert.  As one of the Ding Dongs was handed to me I said, “Ding Dongs.  I craved Ding Dongs when I was pregnant with Yawlin.”

Some of the mom’s chuckled. 

“No really, I wanted Ding Dongs and Coke.  I even had Ding Dongs hidden all over the house so that my family couldn’t find them and I could sneak one whenever the craving hit.”

That started a firestorm of craving admissions.

“I wanted peanut butter with everything.  I mean everything.”

“Mine was sushi.  Except the doctor said I couldn’t have sushi, so I had to settle for cooked shrimp and California rolls.”

“Sweets.  I wanted sweets.”

I spoke of my other pregnancies.  “With Huh I wanted spaghetti and cinnamon bears.  Not together.  But those were the two items I craved.  With Hoob it was chips and salsa.  I couldn’t get enough of it.”

Another mom spoke up, “I hate beef jerky.  But, when I was pregnant that was all I wanted.”

Then I remembered another craving I’d had when I was pregnant with Yawlin.  I was slightly anemic with him.  Whether or not that played a roll in my craving I don’t know, but my craving was to smell dirt.  It was such a strong desire that I actually had a small pot filled with potting soil that I would carry around with me.  I would hold it to my face and breathe in deeply. Both sides of the family teased me.  They called me a dirt sniffer.  They all thought it was funny that I had to smell dirt.  But I’m telling you, that dirt smelled so good!

The parents at the pack meeting decided that my dirt sniffing admission was the best one of the evening. 

The topic so interested me that I decided to see if my mom and three sisters had had cravings when they were pregnant.  My mom remembers craving ice cream sundaes and onion rings.  The onion rings she wanted had to come from one certain restaurant.  She was very disappointed when she and my dad drove to the restaurant to get the onion rings and discovered that it had closed for good.  One of my sisters says she didn’t really have major cravings, but when she decided she wanted something, such as a Snickers bar, she had to have it right that minute.  Another sister admits to craving hot dogs, Oreo cookies, and plain hamburgers from McDonald’s.  She also admits to thinking that gas fumes smelled really good when she was pregnant.  My youngest sister craved bean and cheese smothered burritos with sour cream and rice all day long.  She would even eat it for breakfast.  That sister also liked to eat pickled asparagus during her pregnancy. 

Pregnancy cravings.  Something so universal, yet so individual.