Fourth of July weekend finds us packing up and going to my parents’ cabin in the Uinta Mountains.  We will be able to hike, visit our choice of numerous lakes, ride ATVs, sleep in the hammock, and just plain relax.  When my family gets together like this we enjoy playing games during the down times.  Since my kids are anxious to be on the road, I need to make this post a quick one.  I am going to share how to play one of our favorite games and then put the laptop away until Monday or Tuesday.  Enjoy your weekend, y’all!  🙂


Everyone sits in a circle and needs a piece of paper and a pencil.  As a group, you decide what the “What If” question will be.  Any “what if” question will do, just make it open ended.  For example:  What if Grandpa…, What if Uncle Tyler…, What if the cabin had no…, What if we all…, etc. 

Once the question has been decided on, everyone writes it at the top of their paper and then finishes it anyway they desire.  Don’t let anyone see how you have finished the question.  Some examples:  What if Grandpa suddenly sprouted hair?  What if Uncle Tyler finally asked Marta to marry him?  What if the cabin had no toilet paper?  What if we all developed the chicken pox? 

Once everyone has finished their question the papers are passed to the middle, shuffled, and passed back out.  It is okay if you get your own question, just don’t announce it.  Everyone writes an answer to the question written on their paper.  Make it a full sentence.  Now is the fun part.  One person starts by reading the question, but not the answer, on their paper.  The person to their left reads the answer on their paper.  Some of the combinations end up being quite hilarious.  The person who read the answer now reads the question on their paper and the person to their left reads the answer on their paper.  Continue reading the questions and answers around the circle until it gets back to the first person who finally gets to read their answer.