Recent “Luck” story # 1:

Yawlin was jumping just fine on the trampoline until Hub called him to come into the house.  Yawlin attempted a stopping bounce that went wrong and he flew off of the trampoline.  Unfortunately the trampoline had been moved close to the patio for lawn mowing purposes and Yawlin landed on cement.  Face first.  Hub ran to him and helped him up.  Blood was streaming from Yawlin’s nose.  Of course the natural instinct for both of them was to come find me.

When I saw Yawlin I had the normal mom reaction.  It sounded something like, “Gyaaah!”

After cleaning Yawlin up and calming both of us down it was time to take stock of the situation.  The patio had claimed some of the skin just above Yawlin’s lip, some on his nose, and a small patch on his chin.  Some pretty nasty yellowish scabs began to form.  Normally Yawlin would have proudly shown his scabs to his friends, but this time was different.  Yawlin was running for Second Grade Mayor. 

Apparently, being Second Grade Mayor is a big deal.  And to get that honor one has to give a speech in front of the class.  The class votes, and the winner moves on to run against candidates chosen from the three other classes in the second grade.  All of this is done in one day because time moves faster in the second grade, ya know?

I kept reassuring Yawlin that everything would be okay and that none of the other second graders would make fun of his face.  We worked together on his poster and started working on his speech.  Yawlin was still worried about other kids making fun of him.  I gave him two suggestions.  If anyone attempted to make fun of his scabs he could gross them out by going into gory detail about how his nose was pouring blood when it happened and how a piece of skin was hanging down over his lip or he could turn it into something to laugh at and find a humorous way to tell what happened.  I figured either suggestion would work for second graders.

I also suggested Yawlin could somehow tie the incident into his speech.  I didn’t get to attend his school on the day of the election because I was out of town getting hit with a softball at a softball tournament, but I have heard the reports from other adults present. 

Yawlin totally hammed up his speech.  “If you want a mayor who is not afraid to get back on a trampoline after falling off and landing on his face, even though now I am terrified to get off  the trampoline, then vote for me!”  

Yawlin won the election.


Recent “Luck” story #2:

I waved at Hub and Yawlin as they drove past my crossing on the way to school.  I finished crossing kids, turned off the speed limit lights, and was just gathering my cones to go home when Yawlin came walking up the sidewalk.  He had a worried look on his face and there were tears in his eyes.  First, I hugged him, then I asked what was wrong.

“I lost my flip-flop.”

I looked at his feet.  Sure enough, one foot was missing a flip-flop.  “Um, how could you lose a flip-flop if it was on your foot?”

“I accidentally threw it on the roof.”

“You accidentally threw it on the roof?” 

“Ya.  ‘L’ threw her hair band up and it got caught on one of the bricks.  I was throwing my flip-flop up to try to knock the hair band down and it accidentally went on the roof.”


Yawlin glanced at me to see if I was angry.  I hugged him again and said, “Okay, get in the car.  We’ll go home so you can change shoes and then I will sign you in at the office.” 

As we pulled into the school parking lot after the shoe change I noticed that there were more than the normal number of cars in the parking lot.  “I wonder why all these people are at the school.”

From the back seat I hear, “Oh, it’s probably the awards assembly.  I think I have a note about it in my back pack.”

“The awards assembly is today?  Yawlin, when you get a note from the school I need to see it.”


I did a mental check and knew I could stay for the assembly, I had no immediate plans–thankfully.  After I signed Yawlin in at the office I looked at him and said, “I guess it was lucky you threw your flip-flop on the roof and had to be late to school.  I wouldn’t have known about the awards assembly otherwise.”

Yawlin smiled and hurried off to join his class at the assembly.  I got to see Yawlin receive three awards that morning.  I was glad I hadn’t missed it.

Sometimes the bad things that happen to us can turn out to be something good.  Even in the second grade.