Our honeymoon was two days spent in Tampa and then a seven day cruise in the Western Caribbean.  Our first anniversary we spent in Cancun.  The second anniversary we celebrated a little early and went to Orlando for a friend’s wedding.  This is anniversary number three.  Kids’ schedules and Hub’s work restraints left us only a weekend to spend alone.  We chose to come to our condo in Moab, Utah.  

Moab has gorgeous scenery and plenty to do, but for some reason it has never been my number one choice of vacation destinations.  I tend to overlook what is in my own “backyard.”  But, no more.

Yesterday we rented ATVs at 8:00 a.m. and spent the entire day exploring the “Chicken Corners” area.  Around almost every bend was a beautiful view.  We brought along a picnic lunch and ate it at a breathtaking overlook of the Colorado River.

I could go on and on in attempting to describe the scenery and the wildlife we saw, but the real reason the day was special to me was because I got to share it with my husband.  Hub was so happy riding the trail.  Many times he stopped and pointed out a ridge or a trail and shared memories from his childhood.  His family took many trips to Moab when Hub was growing up and it is a place he truly loves.

Hub wasn’t aware of it, but I was watching him.  I was watching him and loving how his face would light up as he pointed out certain landmarks.  He would smile as he told of jeeping at Elephant Hill.  He laughed when he remembered how his dad had once pulled a bunch of sagebrush onto a trail in an attempt to block it as a joke and how the next people to come along in a jeep only paused for a second before plowing right through.

Hub shared memories on Friday night as we ate at Sunset Grill sitting high on a ridge overlooking the city of Moab.  Last night, on a whim, we decided to drive one and a half hours to Grand Junction, Colorado for dinner.  On the drive Hub shared memories of times he spent with his own kids in the Moab area.  Though I shared some memories of my own, most of the time I spent listening…and loving.

Sharing memories from the past was important to my husband.  Spending the weekend together doing something he enjoys built a memory for the future.

A good memory.