Right behind the backstop seemed like a good spot to watch the game.   I set my camp chair up next to Helen, one of the other team moms, I placed my water bottle and keys under the chair, made sure my camera was ready, and settled comfortably down to cheer on my daughter’s team.  I was excited.  This was the championship game and we were undefeated.  The other team would have to beat us twice in order to take the championship away from us.  Both teams were equally matched.  It was going to be a great game.

 We were still in the first inning when a player from the other team hit a pop-up foul over the backstop.  Both Helen and I rose from our seats to get out of the way.  Helen ran to the right to safety.  I, on the other hand, somehow got tangled in my chair, slipped on the gravel, and was hit by the ball in the shoulder on the way down.  My sunglasses fell to my chin as I landed in an undignified heap next to my chair.  I heard people either gasp or exclaim, “Oh!” 

Helen, some of the other parents, the umpire, both of our coaches, AND the head coach of the other team all came running over to me.

I should have played dead. 

If I had played dead then maybe I could have saved face–a little.  If I had feigned serious injury I might have received some sympathy.  But I was stupid.  And mortified.  I scrambled to my feet and plopped myself back into my chair.  Of course everyone was asking me if I was okay.  I kept nodding my head.  They kept asking and I kept nodding.  You know how people’s lips will quiver when they are trying really hard not to laugh?  There was lots of lip quivering going on.  

I finally said, “I’m fine,” and gave the thumbs up sign.  Everyone went back to where they’d been before my ungraceful fall and the game resumed. 

When our team came in from the field for our turn at bat, my daughter came over to me with a big grin on her face.  “Nice one, Mom!”

I laughed and said, “Yes it was!”  Huh looked me over (I think to make sure I was indeed okay) and then went into the dugout.

Later in the game, Huh tripped while attempting to steal second base.  Luckily the second baseman bobbled the ball and Huh, army man style, crawled to the base and was declared safe.  We all cheered.  After she scored at home I hollered at her, “Nice one, Huh!”  She laughed and showed me her bloody knee.

We went on to win the game 13 – 6.  Our girls were the undefeated champions!  We poured onto the field to take pictures while the team was presented with their trophies.  The head coach of the other team walked up to me and asked again, “Are you sure you are alright?”  His lip was quivering.

I really should have played dead when I’d had the chance.  Sheesh!

I said that I was fine and then I said, “You know the girl that tripped running to second?”


“Well that was my daughter.”

That was when he decided it was okay to laugh.  He laughed hard.  One of the parents spoke up and said, “Yes, they like to keep it in the family.”

I proudly replied, “She gets all of her grace from me!”

That night at dinner with the team Huh and I had to endure more good-natured teasing.  We didn’t mind.  We decided to just enjoy it and even embellished the story a bit.  Huh was going home with a trophy and another injury to show off.  And I was going home with a story for my blog.

It’s all good.