*Getting ready to join my daughter at a softball tournament in Steamboat Springs, Colorado I walked out to my car to load my stuff and saw my dashboard covered with mini post-it note messages from Hub:  “Call when you get there,” Keep your eyes on the road,” “Don’t look at cute guys on the side of the road,” (does that mean we can pick up cute guys on the side of the road, as long as we don’t look at them?), “Remember me often,” “Most of all, have fun.  I love you!”  He also carried my luggage to the car for me.  Yes, he is a keeper!

*My youngest sister joined me on the six hour drive to Steamboat Springs.  We laughed, talked, snacked on nachos, and took pictures of the annoying industrial truck with the words “Student Driver” draped across the back that slowed us down on a two lane highway.  Sister time is always good time.

*My daughter called me on the drive to inform me that her team had won their first two games, that she’d pitched a no-hitter during the second game, and that she’d hit a homerun.  I cheered aloud in the car.  I was so happy for her.  They went on to win their third game as well.

*We made it to the ball fields in time to see the fourth game.  My daughter was pitching.  I was glad I got to see one of the games yesterday.  It was gratifying to see my daughter give me a two fingered wave from the pitcher’s mound as we walked up.  I could tell she was glad we’d made it.  As soon as the inning was over she ran over to greet us.  I was happy to see that she was getting along with her teammates on her new team–once again she is the new girl.  Her team won the game 6 – 1.

*We discovered that our hotel is newly remodeled and that we are the first to sleep in the beds.  The rooms are very nice and we have a balcony with a great view.

*Sis and I went to dinner at a pizza place and got to talk to a couple of coaches from a 12 and under team.  It turns out that they grew up in our hometown but now live in Denver.  Small world!  It was fun talking softball.

*Because our team is undefeated so far in the tournament, we only have one game in the afternoon today.  That was great news yesterday because we knew we would get to have a lazy morning.  Which we have…lovely!