My daughter’s friend looked at her like she was crazy.  “You like to do laundry?”

I didn’t hear the whole conversation, just the end where “B” expressed shock that someone could actually like doing laundry.  The conversation made me wonder though.  Which chores do my children dread, and which are the ones they don’t mind doing?  

Every member of my family knows that I hate grocery shopping.  I make sure they know.  I loudly announce, “I HATE grocery shopping!” every Thursday as I head out the door to do the blankety blank blank shopping.  There is something irritating about loading the cart with grocery items, unloading the cart so the items can be scanned, loading the cart up again to haul it out to the car, loading everything into the car, driving home, unloading the car and carrying everything into the house,  emptying the bags, and then finally putting everything away.  I hate grocery shopping.

Doing dishes is okay with me.  I don’t mind doing the dishes.  Maybe the fact that I grew up having to do dishes by hand has made it so that loading dishes into a dishwasher doesn’t seem so bad.  I actually get a feeling of satisfaction doing the dishes.  I know.  Weird. 

Out of curiosity, I decided to poll my family and see if there is any one chore that every person hates or if there is a mix.  I also wanted to know which chores weren’t so hated.  I went around with a pen and paper and asked the question, “Which chore do you hate the most, and which chore do you not mind doing?” 

The reaction was universal.  There was a look of panic and then a wary, “Why?  Are you going to make me do them?”  As soon as I reassured them that I was simply curious, they shared their answers.  Here are the results from our family:

Hub – Hates to fold socks.  LOVES to do yard work.  He doesn’t consider yard work a chore at all.

Squid – Claims he doesn’t really hate any of the chores, he’s okay with any of them.  But he did mention that he hates it when he forgets that he is supposed to do the dishes and then ends up having to do them late at night. 

Huh – Hates to vacuum.  Likes to do laundry.

Juju – Hates to do dishes.  Doesn’t mind taking the trash out.

Mack – Hates to “give the STUPID dog his STUPID bath!”  Doesn’t mind vacuuming.

Shroom – Hates to clean his room.  Doesn’t mind doing dishes.

Hoob – Hates to do dishes.  Doesn’t mind cleaning shower tiles.

Yawlin – Hates to do dishes.  Likes helping fix meals.

It was interesting to find out which chores the kids don’t mind doing, especially since they certainly complain enough about having to do any of them.  Now that it is general knowledge, I wonder if there is going to be some negotiating going on, some chore trading.

“Hey, I’ll do the dishes for you if you will clean my room.”

“Wanna vacuum for me?  I’ll give the dog his bath.”

It might happen.  I wonder if I can make a trade.  Three of the kids said they hate to do dishes.  I wonder if they hate it enough to go grocery shopping…