(Things I hope my kids know when they leave the nest)


Social Skills– How to recognize manipulation and say “no” when needed.  How to get what they need without resorting to manipulation.  How to greet people warmly and look them in the eyes when speaking.  Proper table manners.  How to carry on a face to face conversation instead of texting or Instant Messaging.  How to be an active listener and mirror back what has been said.  How to see people and their quirks with empathy and compassion.  How to entertain themselves without relying on electronic media.  To be patient and not expect instant results.  To not take themselves too seriously.  How to apologize.  How to accept an apology.

Financial Skills– How to write a check and balance a checkbook.  How to put a certain amount of money each month into savings and know basic investment strategies.  How interest works.  Know the difference between a credit card and a debit card.  How credit cards work and the importance of paying off the balance each month.  How to comparison shop.  How to make do with what they have.  How to monitor their accounts online.  How to pay bills.  How to save for what they want intstead of impulse buying.  The importance of tithing and giving to others less fortunate. 

Cooking Skills – How to make meals using a slow-cooker.  How to follow a recipe.  How to make a few of the family favorites.  How to make gravy.  How to make bread.  How to substitute ingredients.  How to check to make sure meat is cooked thoroughly.  How to make good nutrition a part of every day.  How to boil eggs.  How to make homemade soup.  How to bake a cake.  How to put out a kitchen fire.  How to prevent a kitchen fire.  🙂

Housecleaning skills – How to sort laundry and run a washing machine and a dryer.  To not put faux fur in the dryer!  How to remove a stain.  How to work a vacuum.  How to run a dishwasher.  How to do dishes by hand when a dishwasher is not available.  How to organize belongings.  How to iron.  How to clean mirrors and windows.  How to scrub a toilet.  How to mop a floor.  How to put bedding on a bed.  How to cooperate with others on sharing household chores.

Job Skills – How to fill out a job application.  How to type a resume.  How to dress for a job interview.  How to show confidence.  How to wake with an alarm and not rely on someone else to wake them.  How to give an employer 110%.  How to listen and follow directions.

Basic Independence– How to sew on a button.  How to hammer a nail.  How to hang a picture.  How to change a light bulb.  How to change a flat tire.  How to put air in a tire.  How to check the oil in the car.  The difference between a Flathead and Phillips screwdriver.  How to work a wrench and pliers.  How to run a lawn mower and mow a lawn.  Know basic first-aid (CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, treatment for shock, treatment for cuts and bruises, etc.).  Know how to change a diaper.  Know how to hold an infant.  Know basic gardening skills. 

And most importantly, I hope they know they can call home anytime they have a question about anything.