There is an ongoing war in our house.  Dancer vs. Sports Freaks.  Those who play sports like to tease our lone dancer about her choice of activity. 

“Dancing is for wimps!”

“Dancers are nothing more than over-grown Barbies.”

“You would never make it through one of our practices.”

Our 12 year old dancer holds her own.  “If dancing were easy it would be called football!”

The verbal barbs are said in a good-natured way.  The teasing back and forth can last for quite some time and the lopsided war continues.  Even threats are used.  Older sister, Huh, is a softball player.  She is heard to say often, “Hoob, if you ever become one of those snotty, stuck-up, girlie cheerleaders in high school I am going to come back and kick your butt!”  And Hoob usually just smiles and walks away.

Since this “war” hasn’t gotten out of hand I have let it continue.  The other day I was in my room making my bed and tuning out the chatter of my children heard throughout the house.  Yes, I admit it, I sometimes tune out what the kids are saying to each other.  But, I quickly tuned in when I heard Huh say something new to Hoob.

“Hoob, if I ever hear of you doing drugs or drinking alcohol I am going to come and kick your butt!”  I stopped what I was doing so I could better hear the reply.

“You won’t have to kick my butt.  I wouldn’t do that.”

“Good,”  said Huh.  “I would hate to have to kick my little sister’s butt.”

I have no idea what led up to that statement, I wish now that I hadn’t been tuning them out, but I was happy to hear it.  The unexpected appearance of a teenage foot soldier in the bigger war against drugs and alcohol was thrilling to me.  Older siblings can be such an influence for good or bad.  I was glad to hear my daughter state this particular position to her younger sister.

Later, after I’d thanked Huh for making the statement to Hoob, she smiled and said, “Well, I will kick her butt.  Doing that stuff is just stupid!” 

Stupid indeed.  If we as a family can stay united on that front, one enemy raging against families will be defeated.  That is one war I want to win.