Can we do it?  Can I do it?  While sitting in the waiting area of my daughter’s orthodontist I was thumbing through a magazine and saw a small blurb about April 21 – 27 being National Turn Off Your TV Week.  Always on the look-out for ideas for my blog I jotted the dates down on a scrap piece of paper I found in my purse.

I planned to write that it might be a good idea to limit tv time this week and for people to use the time to do things with their families.  A little while later I heard a plug for the week on the radio, except our area is taking it one step further and encouraging us all to “Unplug and Play”–meaning all electronic devices used for entertainment.  No tv, no computers, no DVD players, no video games.  Instead of using those devices this week we are encouraged to play something else, indoors or outdoors.

As this week drew nearer I realized I couldn’t blog about it if I was really going to do it myself.  I think most of us would readily agree that we spend too much time “plugged in” anyway.  This week is actually a perfect time for our family to do it.  Yawlin, who attends a year-round school, is off track right now, so he has lots of free time.  There are plenty of things the two of us can do together.  We started decluttering and organizing his room last Friday before he went to his Dad’s for the weekend.  We can finish his room today and start on other projects.

I’m not sure how I am going to approach it with the rest of the family.  The teenagers are the ones who are going to resist the idea the most.  Maybe it is something I can encourage strongly, but won’t force them to do.  I certainly don’t want to create hostility!

Tonight should be pretty easy.  Our family is signed up to help clean the church so we won’t even be home.  And Saturday morning we will all be participating in a neighborhood service project.  As for the rest of the time…well, I’m up for the challenge!

I don’t watch alot of tv, so that isn’t what is going to be hard for me.  Giving up the computer for a week is what is going to be my challenge.  Since first starting to blog at the end of February, I have discovered that I really like it.  Not only do I like writing my own, I also enjoy exploring the blogs of others.  But, one week spent doing some extra things with my family, instead of being on the computer, won’t kill me.  I am willing to do it!

I thought of writing some ideas for families who want to spend more time together this week but aren’t sure what to do, but I realized that most of my ideas need explanations and would make this post too long.  I may share some of the ideas in future posts.  The obvious ideas are there, of course:  read a book together, clean out the garage, do yard work, ride bikes, go for a walk, attend a local sporting event, wash the car, go shopping, be a tourist in your own town, play board games, talk to each other.  I could go on and on.  Good luck to any who decide to give it a try, even if it is only for one evening.  Whatever time you give to your family won’t be wasted time.

I now sign off for a week.