When I find great sites online that can help families in any way, I like to share them with others.  Here are four that I have been meaning to share in my blog for quite some time.  I have added the links to my blog.

americanmothers.org The site of an interfaith, non-profit, non-political organization that works as a dedicated force to strengthen the moral and spiritual foundations of the family and the home.  National American Mothers, Inc. is run by a board of directors comprised of dedicated women who have a great love for mothers and families of America.

whattheyplay.com A parents guide to video games that provides expert insight into the themes and content of today’s most popular video games.  Information is offered in an unbiased and independent environment along with features that encourage information sharing, opinion, and interaction amongst parents.

familyfun.com The online site of FamilyFun magazine (a magazine I have subscribed to for years).  It offers ideas for arts and crafts, parties, recipes, games, family travel, and better parenting.

happynews.com A national and international daily news online site dedicated exclusively to upbeat stories.  It covers “happy news” rarely covered by regular news media.  The stories are checked for 100 percent accuracy.

Check the sites out.  You may find something you can use for your family.