My poor husband didn’t stand a chance!

Last week I saw an advertisement in our local paper for the performing group Stomp, who is coming to our area in June.  I have seen Stomp perform live twice before and enjoyed it both times.  I know our kids would enjoy seeing the show.  With the advertisement in hand I approached Hub.

“Hey, how ’bout we buy tickets to Stomp for all of us.”

Hub was hesitant.  I’m sure he was seeing dollar signs fly out the window.  “Oh, maybe.”

I wasn’t giving up.  “They will be here from a Tuesday to a Sunday.  There are two performances on Saturday.  I’ve already checked.  It is our weekend to have all of the kids.”  Hub was silent.

I purposely left the advertisement sitting on the counter in plain view where Hub could see it.  When he was eating breakfast and reading the paper, I slid the advertisement toward him.  When he was leaning on the counter talking to two of the kids, I cleared my throat and slid it toward him.  Once someone, not realizing what it was, turned the advertisement over and moved it to the side.  I made sure to reposition it back in plain sight.  The advertisement sat on our counter for four days.  Hub was very good at ignoring it.

Time for a new tactic.  After dinner last night I held up the advertisement and said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to see Stomp?”  The kids that were present excitedly agreed.  Hub expertly directed the conversation to something new.

This morning I decided I was sick of the advertisement cluttering my counter.  One last effort would be tried, and then I would admit defeat and throw the paper away.   I played dirty.  I sent all of the kids a text telling them to send Hub a text that said simply, “Stomp!”  Then I took the dog for a walk.

When I returned hub was sitting in his office staring at his cell phone.  “Stop telling the kids to text Stomp to me.”

I laughed.  “How many have done so?”


“Which four?” I asked innocently.

“Squid, Huh, Hoob, and Mack.  Oh, and Huh sent a second text that said, ‘Buy tickets!'”

I smiled and walked into the kitchen to do the dishes.  A little while later his phone signaled another text.  I poked my head into his office and asked, “Who was that one from?”


I gloated aloud. “Oh we have the most amazingly obedient children!”

Shroom had stayed home from school not feeling well, but as soon as he woke up and read my text he went into action.  Hub showed me the text Shroom sent.  It said, “Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!  Stomp!”

Yawlin, our youngest, uses a prepaid cell phone on a limited basis.  As soon as I activated a refill card for the phone he sent his text to Hub too.

Hub was at his desk when it came.  “Well, that’s our last stomper,” he said.

Needless to say, we have seats in the balcony for a June performance of Stomp.  Eight against one.  Hub never stood a chance!