It was Grandparents Day for the 2nd graders today!  My son got to invite his grandparents to the school for lunch and a dancing, singing extravaganza.  Three of his four grandparents were able to make it.  And all three enjoyed themselves and commented about how well the day was organized and how well the kids performed.

The day began with the dancing portion of the program.  The second graders performed some square dances and line dances and then they waltzed with their grandparents.  If they happened to have more than one grandparent present, the waltz was played again so that all grandparents could participate.  Grandparents were asked to participate in the “Chicken dance” and the “Hokey Pokey” as well.  The second graders finished up by doing a rock-n-roll dance and the “Bunny Hop.”  

Following the dancing the kids and grandparents got to have lunch together in the lunchroom.  Pizza, an assortment of fruits and vegetables, and drinks were served.  While eating, the grandparents answered questions about their school days from a questionnaire the kids had prepared. 

Once lunch was over, it was time to head back to classrooms for an hour-long sharing time with the grandparents.  Any grandparents who desired could stand and tell the class what it was like for them when they were in the second grade.  One grandparent had grown up on a farm and usually came home and rode his horse for awhile before doing his chores.  Another had grown up in New York and told how she had to ride an elevator down several floors to get outside her building and head to school.  Several grandmas told how they had to wear a dress to school every day.  The hour went quickly and then it was time for the singing portion of the day.

The kids sang songs and performed skits showcasing the 1950’s.  There were humorous songs and patriotic songs.  A brief slideshow showing patriotic artwork by the kids ended the program.  Then of course there were hugs and congratulations on a job well done. The kids and grandparents got to spend a total of three hours together at the school today.  It was clear that they all enjoyed each other.

Why do I report this on my blog?  Because I have been focusing on connecting with extended family members this month and my son’s school provided an extra opportunity for him to do that.  What a great idea!  There is so much tearing families apart, it is nice to experience something that brings them together.  I will definitely be sending the second grade teachers a thank you letter for allowing my son this time to connect further with his grandparents.