My brother voted me as “biggest dork” in our family.  I voted my dad for the same honor.  My sister ended up winning the title with 33% of the votes.  Mom came in second. 

Thanks to one of my sisters, our family has discovered, a website where families can create their own website with very little work.  Sis stumbled upon it, set the site up for the three month trial period, and sent us all email invitations.  It was an immediate hit with the females of the family.  The men have taken a little longer to warm up to it, but they are starting to visit more frequently and leave goofy comments.  Once the trial period was over it was a unanimous decision to divide the small fee amongst us and continue the site.  We have a large family, so our individual cost was small.

This has been a fun way to connect with our extended family.  Our kids have really enjoyed it, playfully “dissing” cousins, uncles, and grandparents.  The poll section is quite popular with our crowd.  Families can create their own polls and then members can vote.  The site shows the vote percentages and, if the poll wasn’t tagged as anonymous, it shows how we each voted.  In addition to the “dork” poll our family has been polled on who in our family should be the next president of the U.S. (my autistic brother won that one), who in the family has the worst luck, who has the best luck, and what is the best candy to receive trick or treating.

The site has a calendar so we can post upcoming events important to our family.  Right now our calendar shows an upcoming birthday, my daughter’s dance competition, and an entry titled “Look at This!” that once clicked on, shows that it was posted for April 1 and “made” us all look.

Photos can be uploaded and commented on.  We have had everything from trip photos, to pictures of pets, to highschool dance pictures, and holiday happenings posted.  It’s been great to see how the family members who live out of state have grown and changed.

One of the most utilized areas of the site is the area where news of family events can be posted.  Teenagers receiving their driver’s licences, sports wins, team tryouts, ghostly activity, and holiday greetings have all been posted by family members.  We have even received requests to remember certain family members in our prayers.

There is a review section  for us to review movies and books, a chat feature, a file cabinet to store family files, and a family history area.  The “dorkiest” sister used the recipe section to post how to make mac-n-cheese from a box.

The website has been such a hit it has even become a topic of conversation when we get together for family dinners or when we phone each other.  It’s great to see the connections that are being made between the younger and older generations of the family.  We all agree that it has been money and time well spent.